Welcome to Dronera UAV

Dronera UAV is one of the worlds leading customized solutions UAV manufacturer.

We specialize in custom built solutions for professional, government and military markets.

Our product range features ultra compact portable solutions with payload capacities from a few grams up to 250 kg.  Flight times ranges from 15 minutes to 95 minutes, and we support almost any payload type desirable. We also supply a wide range of video transmission systems from a few km up to hundreds of km or even anywhere in the world through satellite communications.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you be interested in a customized solution not available anywhere else.

All our RMS (Ready Made Systems) comes fully assembled and configured to your specific needs and specifications, so no need to spend countless hours trying to figure out the little bits and pieces that otherwise might keep your investment on the ground.

Together with a team of professional designers we have put together a selection of products that covers most professional needs, and of course we can source most products which are not listed here and integrate into your customized system.

Have a safe flight.






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