Dronera Maxipro is a ultra portable foldable heavy lift multicopter.

Featuring 8xU7 motors, 18″ Carbon Fiber props, MK GPS, MK Navigation, MK Doppel Quadro power,  Waypoint flying, Auto takeoff-Landing, Vibration dampeners for gimbal, and Dronera Quick release attachment this unit will never let you down.

Recommended batteries Dronera 7s 16.000 Mah x2 (batteries not included.) Included in the Basic kit.: Dronera Maxipro with Vibration dampeners, 8x motors, 8x 18″ CF Props, Graupner MC-32, Graupner GR-16, Custom made detachable receiver antenna,  Transmitter with MK front plates. MK Doppel Quadro,,MK Flight Ctrl 2.5,  MK Gps, MK Navi, LED navigation lights on 4 arms (choose between Red, Green, Blue LED and indicate which color you want in front or rear. (Default is Red front, Green rear if not specified otherwise.) 3 Axis Camera Dronera Epic gimbal and Camera not included.

Technical specs: Flight controller with GPS, Navi, Barometer, Altitude hold, full telemetry, Position hold, Return home, Auto takeoff, Auto Landing, Care free orientation mode, Battery monitoring, Failsafe mode, Waypoint navigation, (upgradeable up to 5 Km and 500 Waypoints.) (full redundancy option available on request.) 7S battery operation. RTF weight without batteries 4500g.

Recommended Takeoff weight at 50% throttle 20500g  Max. Flight time with Epic Gimbal and Black Magic Camera with 14mm lens: 2×16.000 Mah Dronera Flight Packs  14 min. 3×16.000 Mah Dronera Flight Packs 17 Min. 4×16.000 Mah Dronera Flight Packs. 19 min. 6×16.000 Mah Dronera Flight Packs 21 min. Recommended use with 2-3 packs

Recommended accessories and extras: Dronera Epic gimbal for camera total weight up to 6 kg. Dronera Full HD video transmission system. Full redundancy option available at 1500$ extra (dual gps, Dual Navi, Redundancy ESC board, Dual Flight controller. Drastically improves safety and is the cheapest insurance you will ever get on your rig. Extra batteries Chargers for batteries Power supply for batteries Flight Case