DRONERA TUBIEThis is the latest man-portable light weight but high-grade (Carbon Fiber) robust rig that is specifically designed for quick deployment and vertical observation of the surrounding.   This is the smallest and newest craft (Quadcopter) from Dronera that weighs only 500 grams and has a top speed of 100 km/h. It is so portable with its foldable design that it can be packed into a 3 inch by 14 inch tube, hence the name Tubie. Despite its small size and weight, it can fly for 30 minutes, with all the range and other control and video options. In case high end M2D Camera (OR/IR) is attached to a Tubie, it can have a range of 1140 meters and which is extendable to 4 kms. The takeoff weight of Tubie is 2 Kgs, therefore using EO/IR gyrostabilizer M2D (160 grams) and long range Video/Radio link (260 grams) leaves over 1000 grams for batteries, giving sufficient endurance to this copter.

HIGHEST QUALITY COMPONENTS IN EVERY PART. Every part and component is carefully selected and assembled by our team, we use CNC cut parts in carbon fiber and aluminum, 3D printed custom parts in Carbon Fiber reinforced ABS, and all screws are of stainless steel. Ensuring it will withstand all the elements.   Electronics may look visible but are actually coated in conformal coating making them virtually waterproof.   In addition it protects components from vibrations, and shock. If you forget to return home when power is running out it will do it for you.

100% CUSTOMIZABLE AND UPGRADEABLE.Due to the modularity of our designs you are able to add upgrades and improvements as we make them to your system. , constant updates of flight control software available with new improvements. Built from 100% pure carbon fiber, ABSC, stainless steel screws and anodized aluminum every Dronera system is built to last a lifetime.

All Dronera products are made in house in Oslo Norway by a team of professionals; we carefully cut all carbon fiber parts on our CNC machines and do thorough quality control before final assembly. All units are test flown and calibrated by our professional pilots with years of experience and your gimbal is even balanced for the camera of your choice so it’s basically just to unpack, turn on and fly.



Picture of this system is not available online for more information please inquire to sales@dronera.no

The Tubie also features GPS navigation, auto takeoff and landing, come home, position hold, altitude hold, carefree mode. Full telemetry gives you full control of the unit preflight and in flight. Programmable with up to 500 waypoints* and up to 4 km range. The tool less disassembly takes about 2 minutes that makes it quick and easy to fold and pack in the tube for easy transport. *50 Waypoints standard.
The man portable Tubie with less than 2 kilograms weight is ideal for quick response teams for swift survey of the situation both during day and night. The endurance of 30 minutes with extended range of 4 kilometers is ideal for getting a complete picture of both, the location of the incident/interest and its surrounding. This makes Tubie a must have for Law Enforcement and Emergency Response Teams.


ENDURANCE (Standard): 20 Minutes (1 x Battery Packs) with M2D payload.
ENDURANCE (Extended): 30 Minutes (2 x Battery Packs) with M2D payload.
WIND TOLERANCE (Sustained)  72 Kmph (45 mph) 20 m/s.
 WIND TOLERANCE (Gusts)  60 mph gusts
BEYOND LINE-OF-SIGHT RANGE:  4 Km   (options available: 10km and 40 km)
ALTITUDE:  3000 ft. (1000 m) AGL (Above Ground Level)
 15000 ft. (4500 m) MSL (Mean Sea Level)
LAUNCH & RECOVERY METHOD:  Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL)
DIMENSIONS (Open): 14×14 inch.
DIMENSIONS (Folded):  3 inch x 14 inch
WEIGHT (Without Payload And Power Bank):  500 Grams
WEIGHT (Take off): 2,000 Grams (2 kg)
WEIGHT (2 x power banks, MD-2 and Video link):  1,920 grams (1.92 Kg)
NAVIGATION LEDS: Red, green, blue optional. IR.
RADIO FREQUENCIES: Customizable (433MHz, 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz), (4-9- 5.9 GHz) for digital long range link.
CONTROL AND DATA LINK: Zero latency, Digital, GMSK, 7Mbps.
SECURITY: Paired encrypted, AES 256 bit Encryption
  Auto Home Return, GPS
AUTO FUNCTIONS Auto takeoff and landing, come home, position hold, altitude hold, carefree mode.
CONTROL (MC-32 Graupner) Joystick Control (MC-32 Graupner). Up to 4 km.
  Daylight Viewable Monitor (flight paths planning)
Flight Plans Dynamic flight plans, Via Ipad, PC, Google maps.
Redundancy Navigation, Flight Controller, GPS and Power Circuits
  Grid Mapping, flight paths,
HoTT (Hopping Telemetry Transmission) Real-time programmable integrated FHSS telemetry
Electro Optical (Visible) Video PAL, (1080P, H.264 video, 4K option with external unit)
Infra-Red (IR- non visible) Resolution 640 x 512,  H.264, PAL
Still 15 MP (22MP and 42 MP optional).
Zoom Function 6.2 x Optical, 2 x Digital, total 13.2X
On Board Recording Available on Micro SD Card
IR Modes  white-hot and black-hot modes
Image Stabilization 3 Axis Gyro Stabilization