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Amimon video modem doesn’t use compression such as MPEG 2/4/H264 etc. We developed a “video modem” with joint source channel coding that optimizes transmission to maximum channel bandwidth and reconstruct missing information at the Rx side. Some people call it “uncompressed” but I do not like to use this term. The quality metric that is proper to use for Video modem is PSNR and usually we give greater than PSNR of 35.


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CONNEX by Amimon is an innovative Wireless HD link for professional UAV drone applications, and for the FPV enthusiast looking for the ultimate HD FPV experience. Leveraging Amimon’s leadership in the wireless video market, CONNEX brings broadcast HD video quality and robustness standards to the rapidly evolving UAV aerial video arena.

Designed from the ground up for UAVdrone applications, CONNEX packs theperformance, form factor, interfacesand reliability required for getting the job done; anywhere, anytime.

Up until now, true, latency free HD FPV has only been a dream. The Connex Wireless HD link brings us to the next level with its zero latency, full 1080P 60fps wireless video transmission. Can you imagine flying FPV in real-time full HD? Now you can make it a reality with the Connex Wireless HD link.

All professional UAV HD applications now share the same requirement – a robust wireless HD video downlink.CONNEX, delivers excellent HD image quality, zero latency, and the highest levels of robustness.CONNEX employs Amimon’s revolutionary HD video technology,widely regarded as the industry standard in the broadcast and cinematography markets. It’s 5GHz radio, 2×5 MIMO and automatic channel selection ensures resilient connectivity, free from interference, specifically from UAV controls and 2.4GHz links.

The zero-latency transmission offers live, real-time imaging for FPV, broadcasting, inspection, and mission critical applications. CONNEX’s multicast feature supports four screens simultaneously, each receiving perfect HD images.Simply Plug-and-Fly!

Amimon wireless HD video transmission technology, which is globally recognized for exceptional performance and reliability in the movie and broadcast industries, provided the core technology for our new CONNEX solution

Amimon developed a video-modem technology with unique characteristics, allowing it to provide simultaneously HD resolutions and zero-latency with great link robustness

Utilizing the 5GHz band, Amimon is able to promise a transmission undisturbed by the Drone RC,. Advanced frequency selection mechanism (AFS) enables the automatic selection of the best available channel, and the ability to move between channels during transmission without interfering with the video quality.

Real Full-HD, 1080P 60fps resolution is unmatched by other solutions and promises the highest possible image quality.     .

Search and Rescue:

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are increasingly taking the place of humans in tasks which are deemed too dangerous, too tedious or too inefficient for strictly human labor. This is true of some of our most critical emergency response tasks, especially Search and Rescue (SAR) missions.

UAVs are an increasingly desired tool to deal with SAR missions because they get the job done more efficiently than manpower alone. With these drones, equipped with HD video cameras, which use Amimon’s a high-end, high-performance Wireless HD connection, CONNEX, terrain can be surveyed in detail, quickly, accurately and in real time at less cost.

CONNEX is an innovative Wireless HD link for professional UAV drone applications, which brings 1080p60 uncompressed HD video with zero delay to the rapidly evolving UAV aerial video arena. It delivers the quality video link needed for better search, more accurate finding, and ultimately better understanding what is being seen.

The benefits of better search technology in SAR missions are obvious: finding potential survivors in natural disaster situations more quickly and making sure no survivors are overlooked and therefore not given rescue & medical attention. With CONNEX, police, firefighters and other emergency workers can survey terrain in real time, in HD, examining every square meter and communicating who needs help and where to deliver medicine, food, water, and other important resources.

UAV systems also make what can be very tedious missions easier. SAR missions require tremendous concentration to navigate. Drones can execute complete missions autonomously, all the way from takeoff to landing, so technicians can focus solely on analyzing the footage.

Natural disaster responses are long, challenging efforts, which require a lot of resources. Making the response more efficient, through UAV and CONNEX, saves a lot of money limiting wasted time and manpower. And, most importantly, better technology for SAR missions helps save lives.

Aerial Cinematography:

The creative industry is benefiting from advances in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) technology, and was one of the first to understand the potential in this new capability. Directors of everything from commercial photo shoots to feature-length films are turning to drones to capture agile shots from complicated angles, with approaches not possible with human-piloted helicopters or cranes.

CONNEX’s 1080p60 uncompressed HD video with zero delay allows for real-time monitoring of shots from the ground, so cinematographers can see what they are getting, as they are getting it, and can direct the drones to capture exciting action in a whole new way. For professionals in this field, this is essential to helping them to bring their dreams to life.

Drones are being used for aerial panoramic photography, close-proximity overhead shooting and large scale coverage, and are changing the way media is made in all types of creative endeavors. CONNEX makes this all possible, taking everything a camera on the ground can do and giving it wings.

Aerial Inspections:

The Power and Utility industry has seen major benefits in recent years using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for inspection. In many areas of infrastructure, UAVs equipped with Amimon’s high-end, high-performance Wireless HD connection, CONNEX, are providing valuable inspection & monitoring services.

CONNEX is an innovative wireless HD link for professional UAV drone applications, based on Amimon uncompressed technology. It brings 1080p60 uncompressed HD video with zero delay to the rapidly evolving UAV aerial video arena. With CONNEX, technicians in the Power and Utility industry can assess everything from dams to industrial chimney stacks in real time. Bridges, storage tanks, live power lines, pretty much anything related to infrastructure can be inspected with UAVs and doing so bring quicker, more reliable results.

With UAV use for power line inspection, problems are found more quickly, saving valuable circuit outage time. Drones cover areas difficult for humans to reach, and with real time HD video, deliver quality information on those areas. Plus, companies can send their teams to only the damaged areas, which saves time on repairs. Minimizing the site visits required by technicians also reduces risk for personnel.

A similar formula can be applied to other areas on the Power and Utility industry: faster inspections lead to better performing equipment, operational cost saving and less risk for personnel. The bottom line across all these examples, from dams and bridges to chimney stacks and power lines: save time and save money.

Law enforcement:

Police forces around the world are discovering the advantages of using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) to aid in their work. UAVs are being used to protect law enforcement officers, and provide them with quick, accurate information. In many ways, these drones are revolutionizing the way police forces operate.

CONNEX, Amimon’s high-end, high-performance Wireless HD connection, when equipped to UAVs, gives law enforcement groups eyes in the sky, which aid in all types of pursuit and reconnaissance, while protecting the lives of officers on the ground. CONNEX’s 1080p60 uncompressed HD video with zero delay allows police forces to search wide areas in real time, and gain vantage points otherwise unavailable.

UAV technology has been used to search for criminals who have escaped from jail, in vehicular pursuit, in ground pursuit of armed suspects, and even at the scene of traffic accidents, to survey the best way to clear the scene. Whether giving an accurate, high definition portrayal of an overall scene, or zooming in on particular details, like a potential weapon on a suspect, drones are proving an invaluable tool for law enforcement.

With real time overview, law enforcement forces on the ground can know how best to stay out of harm’s way and how best to reach their objective. They can also use UAVs to collect evidence from different vantage points.

New ways to pursue criminals, monitor situations and collect evidence mean better law enforcement. The new capabilities UAVs provide aid better policing and safer police, which is truly revolutionary.