Dronera 8HL RTF Basic Kit.

$8,500.00 (USD)

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Dronera 8HL Heavy lift is currently one of the most versatile Professional camera lifters around. it should give you the possibility to easily fly with up to 12 Kg of payload. Letting you fly with ease with RED Epic Blackmagic or similar cameras with all accessories you wish to throw at it.

Dont forget to add the 3 axis brushless gimbal you need all assembled and ready to fly.

Boom length 550 MM

This is the perfect aerial cinematography platform for demanding users that wish to fly RED Epic cameras or any DSLR or Black Magic cinema cameras.

With a frame size of 120 CM arm to arm and a Propeller tip to propeller tip dimension of 175 cm it will surely impress even the most demanding customers. But our unique quick release system for the gimbal helps you take it apart in seconds making it easier to carry and transport. it fits in most hatchbacks, SUVs, MPV or similar. And it is easy to change between gimbals/camera systems.

What distinguishes this copter from the competition is the fact that you get a fully assembled and configured system ready to fly. Simply connect the booms connect your radio and you are ready. Built by professionals for professionals.

It comes fully assembled and tested and totally ready to fly (if you use your own radio you need to configure it before flight. We recommend ordering the MC32 Radio which will come fully configured and ready with MK front plates attached.

1x Dronera 16.000 MAH custom made 6 cell Lithium polymer battery pack is included

The 8HL comes in 2 options.

1 .Standard with 8xU7 motors. 16″ Props. Flight time approx.25 minutes with DSLR and 2 flight packs.. Max payload. 12 kg.

For professional serious users we reccommend to have at least 4 extra sets of 2 batteries on hand to be able to achieve a couple of hours of flight time per day.  2x Graupner Polaron Chargers recommended for recharging with a recharging time of approx 40 Min. With 4 sets and 1 continuously charging it should give you room for almost continuous operation.

This is a 6 Lipo Cell system so it can fly with as little as 1 pack and all additional packs are connected in paralell . Recommended is 2 battery setup for heavy lifting applications.

Please note this is a custom made product built to order and delivery time depends on demand, Once ordered you will receive a number in line and estimated delivery time. First units will be shipping April 2014.

Total weight of DRONERA 8HL without gimbal is 6,5 KG battery weight is 2 kg. Gimbal weight 3 kg. Total empty takeoff weight 11,5 kg.   Max takeoff weight 30 Kg. Recommended max payload 12KG. (Note that extra batteries will affect total Payload and flight times)

Scope of Delivery:

1 Dronera 8HL Fully assembled and ready to fly, 8x U7 Motors, 8x CF 16″ Propellers, Mikrokopter BL 3.0 Double Quadro Cool, MK Flight Ctrl 2.5, MKGPS+Navi with waypoint navigation, Auto takeoff and landing,  1 pcs Dronera 16.000 Mah Battery Pack. (No RADIO included see optional upgrades. ) Raised front arm helps avoid propellers in the shot while flying forward.

Optional Recommended extras:

1x Dronera G5 : DSLR 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal with controller calibrated and tuned for the Canon 5D Camera, or any customer specified camera within the weight limitations .(note that some additional Camera calibrations may be necessary to finalize the perfect balance with your setup. If you want 100% calibration from us you need to specify exact camera, lens, battery and extras you need to use. Comes with IR trigger for the 5D and a 2500 Mah Gimbal Pack. Dronera G5 Gimbal:  3500,-$

1x Dronera G10 : Red Epic Brushless Gimbal with controller calibrated and tuned for the RED Epic or Black Magic Cinema camera. (note that some additional Camera calibrations may be necessary to finalize the perfect balance with your setup. If you want 100% calibration from us you need to specify exact camera, lens, battery and extras you need to use. : Dronera G10 Gimbal 7000,- $

Graupner MC 32 Multicopter Radio with Mikrokopter front plates :


Dronera 16.000 Mah Flight Pack (Professional grade Lipo Battery)


Graupner Polaron Charger:

Polaron EX Chargers

Analog converter and 1,5W Video downlink kit for RED.

FPV onboard camera with transmitter and receiver

Zeiss Cinemizer glasses.

Long range HD video downlink with control channels (40 Km Range) Encrypted video and data for professional use.

For live broadcast we recommend the Paralinx Tomahawk Full HD video transmission system. Perfect for live broadcast coverage of live events, sports etc.

Epic Adapter plate for RED Cameras

Our team can also assist you in designing and manufacturing custom application specific equipment to add to the unit such as long range remotely operated focus pulling equipment, Infrared FLIR SYSTEMS, 3D Setups or any other setup you dream of.

All orders will be handled on a first come basis, Production for 2014 is limited to only 100 Units worldwide. Due to high demand It takes approx 40 days to build, calibrate and fullfill your order.

Once in a while we have a limited amount of Pre assembled units in stock which may be shipped immediately. Contact us for availability and pricing.