Dronera Minipro Basic RTF Basic.

$5,990.00 (USD)

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The Dronera Minipro sets a new standard in portability and lifting capacity.  Our unique patented folding design and high power makes this the choice for professionals on the go.

Its small, compact but mighty powerful.  Capable of lifting any camera up to a Red Epic size it is definitely a new class of its own setting the new standard for professional portability.

Total weight (without battery) 3 kg. Recommended max payload 10 Kg.  Max takeoff weight 16,5 kg.

As featured on BBC Click.


Basic Kit consists of.

Fully assembled and Ready to fly Minipro including.

Full Carbon Fiber Professional grade foldable frame, 8 Motors, 8 props,  Power controller, Flight controller, Navigation controller and GPS receiver. All pre programmed flight tested and ready to go. * Recommended flight batteries: Dronera 6S 16.000 Mah or Dronera 7S 16.000 Mah. For payloads up to 10 kg.

It ships standard with 15″ foldable CF Props. If you need to have max lifting capacity you need to use 16″ Non foldable CF props.  If you specify 16″ props when ordering we will exchange 15″ for 16″ for free.

* Compass needs to be calibrated for your location and Transmitter needs to be binded.

Recommended necessary extras:

MC-32 Radio, Batteries, Charger, Epic Gimbal, DSLR Gimbal, NEX Gimbal. FPV Camera system,