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Dronera X8U is currently the largest commercially available Multicopter in the World. with a total Max motor thrust of 112 KG. it should give you the possibility to easily fly with up to 50 Kg of payload. A fully loaded Arri Alexa with master prime, focus system and accessories is approx 20 Kg.

With a frame size of 180 CM arm to arm and a Propeller tip to propeller tip dimension of 235 cm it will surely impress even the most demanding customers. But our unique  quick release system for the gimbal and quick folding system lets you pack it down to a a mere 40×100 cm unit in less than 3 minutes.

What distinguishes this copter from the competition is the fact that you get a fully assembled and configured system including a brushless gimbal capable of handling Arri Alexa sized cameras with all the accessories you would like to throw at it.

It comes fully assembled and tested and totally ready to fly, It includes a Large Brushless 3 axis gimbal capable of handling a Arri Alexa or similar camera or a Dual RED EPIC in a 3D Config.

4x 12.000 MAH Dronera Professional battery packs are included which gives you a flight time of around 20 minutes with 25 KG payload.  You may add another optional set of 4 batteries to a total of 8 batteries for extended flight times. of up to 35 minutes.

For professional serious users we reccommend to have at least 4 sets of 8 batteries on hand to be able to achieve a couple of hours of flight time per day.  4x EOS 720 Duo Chargers recommended for recharging with a recharging time of approx 40 Min. With 4 sets and 1 continuously charging it should give you room for almost continuous operation. Given there is a power supply/Generator available at the location. Chargers may also be connected to a running car battery. (do not charge with car motor off or you will need jumper cables after a few sets.)

This is a High Voltage 12 Cell system while batteries are 6 cell so Extra batteries must be connected in Series 2 at a time. Recommended is either 4 or 8 battery setup Dronera X8U comes equipped with 8 EC5 Plugs ready to accomodate 8 packs.

Our redundant power system connects batteries in 2 separate groups (min 4 packs required to start) in this way should one group of batteries fail for some reason the Dronera X8U may still fly on 4 motors.

Customer may choose between DJI A2 or HOVERFLY Pro Flight electronics.

Please note this is a new custom made product built to order and delivery time depends on demand, Once ordered you will receive a number in line and estimated delivery time. First units will be shipping February 2014. If you wish to pick it up in Norway we will give you a free 2 Day flight course that teaches you flight operation and characteristics of this flying machine. If you do not take part in our training we strongly recommend good experience in flying smaller multicopters. As this beast is a bit harder to handle than regular Octo and Hexa copters. We take no responsibility for damages incurred by or with this craft. Flying is strictly at own risk, We strongly recommend anyone operating this have a good liability insurance and even a total coverage insurance on the unit itself. Flying heavy payloads may cause serious damage or death in event of a failure or mid air collision or hitting people or objects on the ground. Also it is the users responsibility to get the nescessary licences and approvals to operate in the desired territory.

Total weight of DRONERA X8U without gimbal is 11 KG 4x batteries weight is 8 kg. Gimbal weight 2 kg. Total empty takeoff weight 21 kg.   Max takeoff weight 100 Kg. Recommended max payload 50 KG. (Note that extra batteries will affect total Payload), For payloads over 30 kg you MUST use 8 Battery packs.

Package includes:

1 Dronera X8U Fully assembled and ready to fly, 8x Motors, 8x Propellers, 8x Dronera HV ESC, 4x DRONERA 12.000 MAH LIPO Batteries, Jeti DC16 with tray and receiver,  Graupner MX 20 Transmitter for Gimbal and Camera operation. Choice of either DJI A2 or Hoverfly Pro electronics with GPS, 1x Alexa 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal with controller calibrated and tuned for the Arri Alexa Camera or RED EPIC. 1x 720 Duo Chargers, Power supply.

Optional recommended equipment:

As many in multiples of 4 pcs DRONERA 12.000 Mah batteries you need to suit your purpose.

Analog converter and 1,5W Video downlink kit for Arri.

Ground Station Kit with Monitor and receiver

FPV onboard camera with transmitter and receiver and Zeiss Cinemizer glasses.

Arri Alexa Adapter plate(nescessary for attaching the Alexa.)Long range HD video downlink with control channels (40 Km Range) Encrypted video and data for professional use.

Flight case for easy transport.

Our team can also assist you in designing and manufacturing custom application specific equipment to add to the unit such as long range remotely operated focus pulling equipment, Infrared FLIR SYSTEMS,

All orders will be handled on a first come basis, Production for 2014 is limited to only 25 Units worldwide. It takes approx 1 week to assemble and test each unit, your exact delivery date depends on your place in line.

Technical specs.

Construction: Aerospace grade Carbon Fiber.

Measurements: Frame 170×170 cm.

Propeller tip to propeller tip: 235cm

Weight 11 kg. (without gimbal) 13,5 kg with gimbal.

Optional accessories:

Arri alexa camera adapter plate 500$

Focus puller servo system: 500$

Custom made Flight case set of 2 cases: 1000$ (1 for copter) 1 for gimbal and accessories.)

FPV IPAD ground station (including Military grade IPAD Protector,  Ipad 64 GB, HD Monitor, HD Video Link) 4990 $.  Long Range HD Military grade encrypted Link (30+ KM) add: 15.000+ $. Please send us a email with your exact needs and we will customize a solution to suit them.

For rental or to organize a demo of this system you may check out our Parent company www.Cinecopter.no