Graupner Polaron EX Combo Charger

$499.00 (USD)


This is Graupner/SJ POLARON EX COMBO charger and it is needed the optional Docking SMPS or a suitable 11-28V DC power source. Graupner/SJ is known worldwide as a leader in advanced battery charger technology, and they published a new generation of high tech charger that has space-saving design to save space. POLARON Ex combo is 2 channels charger and provide a wide feature set, including 20 amp charge rates and 400 Watt’s of power per side. Max 400W is available for 24V per channel (Max 220W /12V) .Equipped with a touch sensitive 3.0″ full color LCD screen and specialized touch software, it’s a brand new experience in the field of battery charging. There are 4 options of Silver, Red, Orange, Blue 4 Colors Please specify desired color in the comments field, if No color is specified Black is default color.
Key Features

  • The world’s first standing type design
  • User friendly 3.0″ full color TFT LCD
  • Charging 400W from 24V input, 220W from 12V input.
  • Charging Capability of Lixx 1-7 cells, Nixx 1-14 cells, Pb 1-12 cells
  • Individual 20 memories in each channel to manage the different parameter set
  • The outstanding and maximized space saving design
  • Built in additional useful functionality such as servo tester, tire warmer updating with the latest firmware

The Set includes

  • POLARON charger
  • EH to XH 7S Adapter Board and 7S Cable
  • USB Cable
  • DC input cable
  • Temp Sensor x 2
  • Charge Cable x 2
  • Alligator Clip x 2
  • Charger Stand
  • Manual



Discharge current :  2x Max.60W / 0.1 – 10.0 A           All-up weight, approx.: 1368 g                           Max. discharge current: 0,1 – 10 A                       Automatic charge current: USB 5V output (5.0V 2,5A ) A   Max. balancing current: 350 mA                           Charge output: 2                                        Dimensions (LxWxH): 88,2×203,4×196,3 mm Operating voltage : DC: 11 …. 28 V