MK GPS NAVI KIT (Commercial licence)

$1,499.00 (USD)

MK GPS Navigation Kit + Commercial Licence

This is an expansion set for GPS-based navigation for the MikroKopter including a commercial license. . The set consists of a Navi-Ctrl-board, a MKGPS with already mounted GPS Shield and micro-SD card for logging of flight data.
Using the navigation set the following functions are possible:

  • Automatic waypoint flight (WP) with defined speeds and altitudes (up to 100 WPs)
  • Automatic hold of position (Position Hold)
  • Automatic Fly Back to the starting point (Coming Home)
  • Automatic flight to Point Of Interests (POI)
  • Automatically create panorama pictures (when using a camera)
  • Automatic flight of POI / WP with simultaneous triggering of a connected camera
  • determining the current position of the MikroKopter
  • write log files to the SD card. The route can e.g. are displayed in Google Earth and analyzed in detail.

The pcbs come completely assembled and ready for use.


  • 1 Navi-Ctrl + 500m license
  • 1 MK-GPS with mounted GPS-Shield
  • 1 Micro SD card (compatible with latest firmware)
  • Other components: 10-pin & 6-pin cable set, GPS connection cable, mounting hardware


  • GPS waypoint radius is max. 500m  around the start point. ComingHome or PositionHold possible without range limit
  • If you need a bigger GPS waypoint radius please contact us.