Navi Ctrl 2.0 with Commercial Licence.

$1,716.00 (USD)

Navi-Ctrl V2.0 + Licence

This is a Navi-Ctrl with ARM9 microcontroller, micro-SD card socket, integrated compass and a personalized commercial license for the software/firmware of the MikroKopter.The max. GPS operating radius is approximately 500m around the starting point

Scope of delivery

  • 1 NaviCtrl (assembled)
  • 1 Micro SD card with installed license
  • Other components: ribbon cable, crimp connectors for male connector (10pin, 6pin)
  • MKGPS NOT included
  • Option: (2nd 5V regulator) is not included


  • The license allows the commercial use of the software/firmware of the MikroKopter (with this NaviCtrl installed).


  • The max. GPS operating radius (for waypoints) is approximately 500m around the starting point
  • With this license, you can store 99 lists of waypoint-flights and call them by the transmitter (without laptop!)

General Notice

  • The electronic components must be protected from moisture and humidity. When operating under such special conditions a corresponding (removable) protective coating must be used.