Erik Solberg Founder/ CEO

Computer Engineer, Serial Entrepreneur, with background from Mobile Phone start-ups, and other technically driven start-ups. Global contact network in EV area and infrastructure projects. Has built Model airplanes since aged 9 and RC Helicopters since 1999. Since 2012 he has worked professionally as a drone/uav operator and has done assignments internationally for large Companies such as BBC, ITV, TV2, TV3. He was amongst the first 15 to become a licenced RPAS operator back in 2012. And has acumulated vast operational experience from RPAS assignments over the last years.


  Andreas Myhre Chief Platform Engineer/ Co Founder.

Andreas is our Hardware engineer and software programmers and part of the founding team. He has worked with programming and hardware development/ Systems engineering for companies such as Vmetro, Tandberg and Cisco.


  Kåre Særen Mechanical Design and Composites Engineer/ Co. Founder.

Lecturer in Composite Materials and Processing at Tinius Olsen (Kongsberg) and University College of Southeast Norway. Kåre is a highly skilled CAD engineer With Great Knowledge and experience in electronics and 3D printing.“A born entrepreneur” with years of involvement in business building and logistics. Kåre is a certified automotive mechanic with experience  from the Automotive industry. Kåre is the kind of guy that can develop and make a working Smartphone in a matter of weeks all by himself. And he has actually done it.